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Why hedgerows?

Why hedgerows?

Why do hedgerows matter?

Hedgerows are one of our most easily encountered wildlife habits found not only in rural parts of the UK but also in urban and residential areas too.

Hedgerows are an essential part of our natural heritage and support a variety of plant and animal species, in fact 130 species listed as priority under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) rely on healthy hedges for their survival.


Why hedgerows matter

Hedges can provide song posts, shelter and nesting opportunities for both woodland and farmland birds such as yellowhammer, whitethroat, dunnock and great tit. Nectar, berries, nuts and leaves provide food for an assortment of invertebrates, mammals and birds. Hedgerows also act as wildlife ‘highways’ connecting up vital habitats and allowing species populations to safely travel and interact across the landscape.

In addition to providing excellent wildlife habitat, hedges provide a variety of ecosystem services which benefit humans including helping to reduce soil erosion and water run-off on arable land.

About hedgerows?

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