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Saving our hedgerows

Why hedgerows matter

Hedgerows are an essential part of our natural heritage and support a variety of plant and animal species. In addition to providing excellent wildlife habitat, hedges provide a variety of ecosystem services which benefit humans.

However, since 1945, hedgerows have been disappearing from the landscape and across the county the quality of remaining hedgerows is rapidly deteriorating. This worrying decline in condition can be attributed to poor countryside management including a loss of traditional management skills.

Hedgerow Heritage is an ambitious National Lottery Heritage funded project that aims to inspire and teach young budding ecologists, practical conservationists and the wider local community to restore, renew and create hedgerows in the North Downs and Surrey Hills.

The ‘Preserving Surrey’s Hedgerow Heritage’ project has been made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The project aims to involve the local community in the restoration of hedgerows across the iconic landscape of the North Downs, part of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Thanks to National Lottery players, we can take action to secure the future of Surrey’s hedgerows and create a more resilient, well connected and wildlife rich countryside.


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